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Amarnath Yatra Package From Sonamarg With Helicopter Ticket

Amarnath Yatra 2020 Dates Route, and All You Need to Know

Amarnath Yatra 2020 Dates Route, and All You Need to Know

Amarnath Yatra Package From Sonamarg With Helicopter Ticket , ,

Amarnath Yatra 2020 – Yatra’s walk to the Shri Amarnathji Holy Cave Shrine through the mountain of southern Kashmir Himalayas is only open in the summer months to reverence. In Shravan, July–August, Shri Amarnathji’s holy cave shrine contains a devout flock that naturally consists of ice-stalagmite and waxes, in the form of lingam, and that Lord Shiva’s picture.

Shri Amarnath Yatra is the auspicious day of Skandshasthi as per the Hindu Calendar and ends at Shravan Purnima (Raksha Bandean), beginning on the date announced and usually on the date announced. On 28 June 2018 & registration from 1 March 2020 began last year Shri Amarnathji Yatra.

The Holy Cave Shrine is run by the Shri Amarnathji Shrine Board (SASB), constituted in 2000 with the Governor of Jammu and Cashmir as the former President of the State Legislature. The Shrine of Shri Amarnathji is the Holy Cave Shrine of Shri Amarnathji.

Because of the procedures involved, a registration process by Step – By – Step Registration for Shri Amarnath Yatra 2020 will be followed well before the beginning of Yatra.

As of last year’s date of registration, Shri Amarnathji Shrine Board (SASB) has introduced’ Group Registration’ to make it easy for intending pilgrims to register for a group of families, friends and nearby people.

For an announced period, the Group registration is available. Yatri Groups are entitled to register under SASB Group Registration Guidelines on the 2020 issue of Shri Amarnath Yatra.

SASB has a facility in place to register for the Shri Amarnath Yatra 2020 NRI /ex-India pilgrims. This facility was specially created because this annual Yatra was carried out by a large number of devotees who live abroad.

The Sub-Commission of Shri Amarnathji Shrine advises the SASB every annual on the exact schedule, including the time of Shri Amarnath Yatra and taking into account different factors such as the Hindu calendar, weather conditions, clearing of the snow trek and so on.

Every year from the beginning to the Yatra peak on Rakscha Bandhan, the number of days decided by the Board of Shrine Amarnath is strictly followed.

It was determined that 7500 pilgrims will be allowed to register for Shri Amarnath Yatra-2020 per day per way, taking into account the current track capabilities, infrastructure availability in the Yatra area as well as all other relevant considerations. Yatris, which would go to Panjtarni by helicopters, is excluded.

This would entail a permitting of 7500 registration for the Yatris (Pilgrims) daily of the Shri Amanath Yatra program for 2020, each on the Pahalgam-Chandanwari track and Sonamarg-Baltal Track. for more information and package click here

Shri Amarnath Yatra 2020 | Online Helicopter Booking

Last Year The Shri Amanathji Shrine Board (SASB) announced online bookings for helicopter tickets start well before the Yatra start.

  • Helicopter for Neelgrath (Baltal)-Panjtarni-Neelgrath (Baltal) Sector

To book Helicopter Tickets from Neelgrath (Baltal)-Panjtarni-Neelgrath (Baltal), you are requested to visit the web-sites of following helicopter operators:

Not Announced Yet

  • Helicopter for Pahalgam-Panjtarni-Pahalgam Sector

To book Helicopter Tickets from Pahalgam-Panjtarni-Pahalgam Sector, you were required to visit the web-site of the helicopter operator,

Not Announced Yet

Top Best Selling Amarnath Yatra Package for 2020

Amarnath Package NameTour CostDuration
Amarnath Yatra Via Sonmarg₹ 91994 Days
Amarnath Yatra Via Pahalgam₹ 101994 Days
Amarnath Yatra Via Helicopter₹ 130994 Days
Amarnath Yatra Via Trekking₹ 81994 Days
Amarnath Yatra from jammu₹ 141994 Days
Amarnath Yatra with kashmir₹ 201994 Days

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Amarnath Yatra 2020 Registration Dates

Shri Amarnathji Yatra registration is likely to be started from 1st March 2020.Amarnath Yatra 2019

When Amarnath Yatra 2020 Will Start

Amarnath Yatra is likely to be started from 28th June 2020

How To Reach Amarnath Yatra Base

The public and private transfers from Jammu to Pahalgam and Baltlal provide bus services. These are the two places where the Amarnath Yatra begins.

What is the shortest route for amarnath yatra

It is 14 km long and shorter on the northern route. It’s steep, so hard to climb. It begins in Baltal. The lengthier, easier and more classic one crosses Srinagar.

The route from Amarnath Yatra is more favorable for a return from the sanctuary than for a steep slope because the non – acclimatized guests are said to have serious health problems. Young, healthy and adventurous people come on this journey during the religious journey.

Most devotees generally prefer the longer Amarnath Yatra route via Pahalgam. Depending on the pilgrim’s devotion the length of the trek varies from 36 to 48 km. The hike takes usually 3-5 days. The trail Amarnath is much broader than the trail of Baltal and its slopes. But for almost the entire route, it will be crowded with ponies too. It’s advised to take this yatra route for the aged, ill or those with a past history of disease.

What Age are Allowed for Amarnath Yatra

Children under the age of 13 and adults over the age of 75 are not allowed and it is also not advisable for pregnant women to travel there. Given the highly challenging task of this trek, each individual must have a health certificate.

How much does it cost for Amarnath Yatra 2020?

helicopter price from neelgrath to panchtarni for both side 3602 INR & for one side its 1801 INR. Amarnath Helicopter Tickets from pahalgam rout is 3104 INR from pahalgam to panchtarni one side & 6208 INR both sides per passenger.

What is the best time to visit Amarnath 2020?

The best time to visit Kashmir for Amarnath yatra in 2020 is between July to Aug. As amarnath yatra 2020 is open only between dates from 2nd July to 15th August making it the best time to visit Amarnath.

Things to take for Amarnath Yatra

A few pairs of warm clothes
Raincoat/ Umbrella
Wind-Cheater Jacket
Warm socks
Monkey cap
Waterproof hiking boots/ shoes
Water bottle
Trekking stick or pole
First aid kit – all your daily medicine
Sunscreen and Sun hat
Insect repellent
Lip cream / Moisturizer / Cold cream
Flash light (Torch) with spare battery
Toilet paper

Amarnath Yatra 2020 Start and end Dates

Amarnath yatra 2020 is open only between dates from 2nd July to 15th August

Is amarnath yatra safe in 2020

Yes its completely safe every year lacs of devotees visit for darshan and there remains extra govt security during these days to ensure safety of all kinds

Is Sarees allowed in Amarnath Yatra

Women yatris should not wear sarees as it would be difficult to climb up with saree. Instead, they should wear comfortable salwar kurta, shirt-pant or track suits.

Is Pregnant women not allowed for Amarnath Yatra

Women more than 6-weeks pregnant are not allowed to take the journey for amarnath ji darshan.

Can i use slippers in yatra

You are not supposed to wear slippers as it becomes highly uncomfortable to walk on the steep rises and falls of the trek with slippers. Also, you cannot walk barefoot.

How to get Medical Certificate for Amarnath Yatra

State / UT wise List of Doctors / Institutions authorised to issue Compulsory Health Certificate (for Shri Amarnathji Yatra 2020) read more

How to Register for Amarnath Yatra

To get registered for amarnath yatra 2019 please visit

Is there any official Health Advisory for Amarnath Yatra

Yes The Pilgrimage to Holy Cave of Shri Amarnathji involves trekking at altitudes as high as 14000 feet. please visit here for complete health advisory

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