Kashmir Great Lakes Trek

Typically 7-9 days

Scenic Lakes: The trek includes several high-altitude, pristine lakes, each with unique and mesmerizing beauty. Meadows and Flora: The trek passes through lush meadows, known as 'Marg', filled with wildflowers. Mountain Views: Offers panoramic views of snow-clad peaks. Cultural Insight: Opportunity to experience the local Kashmiri culture and hospitality.


Day 1-8

Trek through various points, including Nichnai Pass, Vishansar Lake, Gadsar Pass, Satsar, Gangbal, and Nundkol

Day 1

Reach base camp, usually at Sonamarg 90 kms drive from Shrinagar, approx 3 hours

DAY - 2

Sonamarg To Nichinai Via Shekdur

DAY - 3

Nichinai To Vishansar Lake

DAY - 4

Acclimatization + Rest Day (Conditions Apply)

DAY - 5

Vishansar Lake To Gadsar Lake Via Gadsar Pass

DAY - 6

Gadsar To Satsar

DAY - 7

Satsar To Gangabal Twin Lakes Via Zaj Pass

DAY - 8

Gangabal To Naranag, Drive To Srinagar

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